Gunsmith Services

I am a federally licensed gunsmith in Brazeau County, Alberta with a diploma in Gunsmithing from Sonoran Desert Institute working full time as a professional gunsmith since 2006.

I have extensive knowledge & experience with Colt, Ruger and S&W revolvers and pistols, Remington, Marlin, Tikka, Sako, Springfield, Desert Eagle, Glock, SIG, Ruger, Beretta, CZ, and all types of 1911’s. I have extensive experience with rifle and shotgun repairs and customization as well. Former Remington warranty depot.

Services are by appointment. Focus is on firearm repair, customization and tuning of all actions.

Reliability can only be guaranteed with quality factory ammunition.

Department of Justice – Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC/CRFSC) Instructor/Examiner since 2006
R.C.M.P. – Approved Firearms Verifier

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