Rifle Smithing

AR 15 Style Rifles:

Install aftermarket trigger (labor only) $45.00

Assemble complete rifle (labor only) $95.00

Assemble complete lower (labor only) $55.00

Assemble complete upper (labor only) $55.00

Install new barrel w/ extension (labor only) $60.00

Install aftermarket forend (labor only) $55.00

All other AR work – Price on request.

Trigger Jobs; tune trigger for best performance

  • M14 or Mini 14  $75.00
  • Most Bolt Action Rifles $50.00
  • Ruger 10/22 $65.00
  • Install aftermarket trigger and set ( IE Timney) $45.00

Parts if needed not included in prices.

Rifle Bedding – Dev-con Steel bed

  • $100-$150.00 for Bolt Actions
  • SKS / M14 Bedding $250.00

Re-Crown Muzzle 11 degree $75.00

Clean Firearms, Detail Strip & Clean and Evaluation $75.00

Quoted lead times on work are approximations. I do my best to adhere to time frames but times can vary. Please be patient while your custom work is completed as we are working diligently.

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