Rifle & Shotgun Smithing

All prices are for labour only, parts costs are in addition to these amounts (unless otherwise stated). Any re-bluing required after work is in addition to these rates.

Tune, hone & remove slack from factory triggers$75.00 + up
Chamber Cast to determine bore size & caliber$85.00 + up
Cut & re-Crown Barrel$75.00
Install Swivel Set (swivels extra)$75.00
Steel-Bed action and Free-float Barrel$125.00 + up
Pillar-Bed action and Free-float Barrel$195.00 + up
Cowboy Action Job – Marlin or Henry etc. Lever Action Rifles 200.00+
Lengthen Forcing Cone & Polish Chamber ( per barrel ) 12 Gauge $75.00$75.00 + up
Install Standard recoil pad ( plus pad cost )75.00
Open Choke Constriction (per barrel) add $45 for chrome barrel75.00
Install shotgun bead (includes standard bead of your choice)35.00
Remove stuck/broken bead & install new bead of choice50.00
Bead Blast Finish Removes the shine from stainless. Barreled Action Only 90.00
Complete Rifle – $150150.00

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