Gunsmithing Tools for Rent

All tool rentals are per week or part thereof. Damage deposit required on all tools.
t_164200025_1Ransom Rest with 1911 Inserts Rent $100.00

Ultimate Handgun Accuracy Tester-Eliminates Human Error, The finest handgun machine rest; very well made and extremely reliable. Shows pistolsmiths, competitive shooters and accuracy buffs the true shooting potential of their guns and ammunition. Designed, thoroughly tested, and performance has proven to duplicate the human wrist and hand action during shooting, but without the element of human error. Positive stop pad gives exact repositioning after each shot. Adjustable for elevation. Interchangeable grip inserts of special polyurethane, bonded to aluminum plates, add versatility.

D.D $ 600.00


Savage Barrel Nut Wrench – -Rent $ 25.00

Fits 110 Long Action & New 10 Short ActionProvides the correct wrench for all styles of Savage barrel nuts. Double-end wrench helps prevent expensive damage; fits older Savage barrel nuts with round bottom notches and short action guns with square bottom notches.

D. D 60.00

 D.D 60.00

 t_080000252_1AR15 Front Sight Bench Block Rent $ 20.00

Two Working Sides For Installation & Removal – Big, tough, polyethylene block gives fitted support for installing/removing the front sight assembly on mil-spec, AR-15 rifles, and carbines. Precision-machined and clearly marked on both sides for driving the mounting pins “IN” or “OUT” of the sight. Accommodates the sling swivel, plus, includes provisions for removing the gas tube roll pin.

D.D 50.00


1911 AUTO ARMORER’S BLOCK   – Rent $ 30.00

Handy bench block machined from super-tough, glass-reinforced nylon supports 1911 pistol components so you can perform a variety of repair, assembly/disassembly, and accurizing tasks quickly and easily. Securely holds the frame on its side, so you can work on it without risk of damaging the finish. Helps you check hammer/sear engagement, remove hammer strut pin, remove mainspring housing, and holds thumb safety for easy filing of sear stop stud engagement surface. Use to tension the extractor off the slide, so you don’t risk scratching the slide, and retain the extractor while filing and honing the claw. Holds the barrel during link pin removal, with blind holes to catch the pins so they don’t get lost.                 D.D 65.00

 t_080684000_1 1911 AUTO CHECKERING GUIDE Rent $ 20.00

Get True Diamonds On Front Strap – Clamps over the frame of a 1911 Auto to provide a solid guide for getting the front strap checkering lines started correctly. Sets up 60° or 90° diamonds. Long enough to allow a good, long, contour-following stroke on the Checkering File.

 How to use


Drill Perfectly Centered Holes On Round, Flat Or Octagon Receivers Simple, easy-to-clamp jig aligns the proper drills and taps so you get perfectly-centered, cleanly-threaded scope base holes without all the extra setup time and hassle. Based on the principle of sliding parallels, this jig places locking, hardened drill bushings in one of three different hole spacing patterns. Gives the versatility to drill and tap for almost any scope mount base.

D.D 150.00


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