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As a certified Canadian Firearms Safety Course instructor, I offer instruction to those who wish to get their Non-restricted and/or Restricted firearms licenses. To pass this course, the student must demonstrate a knowledge of the legislation concerning the safe possession, transportation, storage and use of firearms and pass the written and practical exams to demonstrate their proficiency in handling a firearm in a safe and responsible manner.

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Types of Canadian Gun Licences (Possession Acquisition Licence)

Non-Restricted – A Non-Restricted PAL is required for firearms commonly used for hunting or sporting, i.e. shotguns and rifles

The course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of safe firearms handling and familiarity with the laws and procedures regarding gun ownership in Canada. Following the firearms training, even complete novices should have no problem passing the required examinations.

The CFSC is designed so that those who have never handled guns will gain a good understanding of the subject. Students who have experience find the course to be a great refresher and excellent preparation for the Canadian Firearms Safety Examination.

There are written and practical components and you need to score 80% on each to pass. The written exam has a mixture of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions. In the practical test, you will handle three of the five common action types (i.e., hinge, pump, bolt, lever, and semi-automatic).

You will have to demonstrate that you know how to do routine things such as:

  • prove the firearms safe
  • common shooting stances
  • identify ammunition
  • loading and unloading procedures
  • range procedures
  • safe handling
  • legal storage, transport & display requirements

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) is designed to apply to the broadest possible spectrum of novice firearm users. The CRFSC is an introductory firearm safety course intended for all new users of restricted firearms (generally handguns).

This course is open to all individuals age 18 and over.

You can take two courses in one weekend. There is no need to space courses out as long as you have taken the non-restricted course first. Each course we offer is completed in one day with testing immediately following the course.

After the course, you submit the supplied paperwork to the CFC for the processing which takes approximately 6-8 weeks Application fee to the CFC is 60 for non-restricted or 80.00 for both classifications. Once you receive your license it is like a driver’s license and needs to be renewed every 5 years. PAL-holders will be expected to pay a $60 or $80 processing fee every 5 years to the Canadian Firearms Center.

Students can save $60 in initial RCMP processing fees by taking the Non-Restricted course and Restricted course around the same time as each other. This also allows students to mail paperwork off in a single package after both levels are complete

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