Dean Fraser

Firearms Instructor:

I have been a professional firearms instructor since 2003.  I started working at a commercial gun range, instructing new & novice shooters in firearms basics and advanced skills. Over the last 3 decades as a Range officer / Firearms instructor I have taught well over 4,000 people how to shoot handguns and rifles safely in a live-fire environment.

In addition in 2006, I became a C.F.P approved, Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor / Examiner and have been actively doing classes and challenges around central Alberta with over 5000 successful students.


Working as a licensed gunsmith since 2005. I work on Non-restricted, Restricted and Prohibited firearms and specialize in Restricted firearms repair, customization, and service.

R.C.M.P. approved Firearms Verifier since 2007.

About me:

I enjoy many of the shooting sports and try to get to the range as much as possible. I shoot handguns and rifles more than any others.  I do some 3 Gun competition, Big Game and Predator Hunting,  trap shooting and am currently honing my long-distance rifle shooting skills.

Memberships held with the N.R.A, C.S.S.A, CCRA,  and various gun clubs in Alberta

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