Semi -Autos

Double Action – Semi-auto Pistol – Action Job -Clean and smooth action, remove all burrs, polish parts & fit as needed: not including parts. $150.00

Glock, S&W pistols, Beretta, Sig Sauer, HK, Walther, Desert Eagle, Browning, etc.

Trigger work $65.00 to $100.00 plus parts. Call for quote.

Sight replacement: Labour only.

Standard Sight sets $45.00

Tritium Sight Sets $65.00

Examples of work for 1911 style Pistols :

Trigger Job – labour only -not including parts $125.00
Throat barrel/Polish ramp/Tune extractor $65.00
Install thumb safety $60.00
Chamfer firing pin hole / Polish breech face $40.00
Install beavertail safety Labor only* $75.00
Fit custom hammer $50.00
Fit new trigger $60.00
Bevel magazine well* $60.00
Lower & flare ejection port*$80.00
Install new barrel Labor only – Parts not included $125.00
Modify frame for beavertail grip safety:  Includes fitting of safety *Parts & refinishing not Inc.*$100.00
Install match barrel bushing -Labor only $50.00

Install dovetail front sight $35.00
Tighten slide & frame $125.00
Stipple front strap* $110.00
Stipple rear grip strap* $75.00
Stipple trigger guard * $65.00
De-horn and break edges  $75.00
Cut slide for Bo-Mar, w/o sight – Plain cut $145.00
Cut slide for Novak rear, w/o sight $130.00
Cut Slide for dovetail front sight, w/o sight $90.00
Install stake on front sight, w/o front sight $60.00
Re-crown pistol barrel $45.00

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